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Bid Testing Best Practices: Download this free white paper from OptiMine Software

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Bid Testing Best Practices: Test small and test frequently for the most effective results

What you will learn from this white paper:
  • Who should bid test and why?
  • Different bid testing methodologies: position-based testing, current bid-based testing, and value-based testing
  • How the same data results in different conclusions, depending on your goals or priorities
Nearly every digital advertiser engages in bid testing, which in its simplest form means changing a bid and observing the results. Since the results can’t be known ahead of time, advertisers are in effect testing the new bid’s predicted performance against the actual outcome. But simple bid testing is not the same as structured bid testing. This is an important distinction. A structured bid testing methodology involves a set of controlled, incremental bid adjustments with the purpose of discovering a keyword’s “sweet spot” — the best bid for a specific ad, keyword and budget combination all aimed at achieving the advertiser’s global financial goal. [/wpcol_1half][wpcol_1half_end id="" class="" style=""]