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FireFox 22: Crumbling the digital advertising cookie

By now you've heard Mozilla's announcement to set the cookie default to "block" in the release of Firefox 22. With the current version sitting at number 19 it may be a while, but the end is nigh for 3rd party cookies. Looking for response from the industry ADOTAS reached out to OptiMine today and asked CTO Rob Cooley what he thought the impact would be. You can read his entire answer here, or go with the pasted text below, but the gist is that attention-based advertising has always struggled because it is difficult to place a real value on it using cookies alone. Add the explosion of multi-device usage and the change to Firefox will only only make the problem worse. So, what's an advertiser to do? Look to impressions:


Online Landscape: Marketers Should Watch Google, Macro Trends

MediaPost's Online Media Daily takes a look at the future following a holiday season that saw an increase in digital advertising spend. Several experts were consulted, including OptiMine CTO Rob Cooley: