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Does Bid Data mean Bid Trouble for Digital Advertisers

There is no doubt that data is driving digital marketing today and that the term "Bid Data" is the latest in a long line of "Big" cliches.  But an interesting thing has happened on the way to the utopia of data-driven decision making; most of us aren't sure exactly what to do with what we have.  Two articles published less than a month apart by eMarketer illustrate the paradox


Forbes: Glory Days Ahead for Google?

So what's next for Google? After a decade of driving billions and billions of dollars from paid search, Google continues to look for new worlds to conquer, new digital advertising channels to turn into money-making machines.  According to an article in Forbes, the best is yet to come for the giant of search. Contributor Elise Ackerman points to three reasons she believes "Google's glory days may still lie ahead."


What to do in a Digital Marketing Lull

Great minds - individually and collectively - think alike. To prove the point one need look no farther than two very important posts published this week in two different publications. Both articles, Christmas in July: Considerations for Holiday Planning, penned by OptiMine's own Rob Cooley, and The Dog Days Of Summer, by Vic Drabicky, offer ideas for how to make use of this "down" time between July the 4th and Holiday 2012.


Digital Attribution is Growing Up

A study commissioned by the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) and conducted by Forrester Research shows that "advanced techniques for attributing value to digital media channels, based on specific campaign goals and detailed data analysis are replacing simplistic first and last click measures."


Dealing with the “Data” in Data-Driven Marketing

How lucky are marketers today, what with all that wonderful data generated by, especially, their digital marketing efforts? It's a veritable feast of numbers: impressions, CPC, CPL, CTR, etc., etc. So, what's not to love about it? According to some companies, plenty. eMarketer is out with a new study that shows that the biggest challenge facing companies, in terms of "Bid Data", is "the time and manpower required to collect and analyze it." The full chart of answers is below and it is almost a graphical representation of the throwing up of ones hands in a surrender to the issue at hand


Do you know your Digital IQ?

I'm willing to bet most of you have never considered the question. I know I hadn't until I read the article on SFGate.com. According to the article, the concept "measures the digital footprint of 64 brands via 350 data points across four dimensions: Site, Digital Marketing, Social Media, and Mobile." 


New partner for Adobe and SearchCenter+

Adobe has announced they have tapped OptiMine to provide keyword performance predictive analytics for SearchCenter+. You can read the press release here


How Does Facebook Stack Against Paid Search

In the spirit of the upcoming Shop.org, I offer the following question to ponder: 

Does Facebook perception equal Facebook reality?