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Clicks and cookies alone won't cut it for display

When pay per click (PPC) overtook display as the ruler of digital advertising, using impressions as the most important value metric took a backseat to clicks and conversions. 


ADOTAS Burning Question: Firefox To Block Third-Party Cookies By Default

“Mozilla’s announcement reinforces the risk in relying on cookies alone to value the impact of attention-based advertising, such as display and Facebook. In addition to challenges posed by browsers (among others), cookies fall apart when it comes to tracking across multiple devices. 


Marketers Must Mine Big Data’s Predictive Powers For Success In 2013

  For years now, the promise of Big Data has loomed large. Unfortunately for digital marketers, it has been more hype than reality.


The Most Common Paid Search Myth Busted

Businesses of all sizes can connect with potential customers using paid search, making it a core component of many marketers' mix.


Increasing Paid Search ROI Through Keyword Bidding

Google says keyword bidding is the most critical driver of paid search ROI, but you have to do it right to get the best financial results. 


OptiMine Software Just Got Better

OptiMine Bid Optimization Software keeps getting better with a  new version that includes improved performance, usability and stronger keyword analytics. We stuffed a lot under the hood and CTO Rob Cooley only scrapes the surface in this 10 minute video on the OptiMine website. Some of the improvement Rob shows are: