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Blog: Paid Search

Watch Uncovering Cross channel value

It was a great webinar featuring Forrester Research analyst Tina Moffett and OptiMine CTO and co-founder Rob Cooley. Together they delivered insights and actionable information you can use to drive real value from digitaladvertising using attribution measurement, and cross-channel measurement and optimization. If you missed it live, you can access the recording here.


Harvard says display ads influence paid search

Marketers have always known that display (i.e. brand) advertising influences paid search and, ultimately, revenue. The missing link has always been the proof. As if on cue, here comes Harvard Business School with a new study, "Do Display Ads Influence Search?", that begins to make the link. But the report doesn't stop at making the connection, it also goes on to discuss the magnitude of the effect and what it means for future budget allocation. And that, my friends, is the core of the issue. 


How will Google Enhanced Campaigns impact optimization?

We’ve fielded a lot of questions recently about the potential impact of Google’s Enhanced Campaigns on bid optimization, specifically with respect to the new bid adjustment options. The official Google description of the new bid adjustment options is here. The bottom line is that the performance of campaigns that were previously device-targeted (PC, mobile, tablet) will change with Enhanced Campaigns. The exact nature and magnitude of the change will vary from advertiser to advertiser, depending on its current account structure and the relative importance of the different devices for its business


The budget goes to the digital channels that deliver value

ADOTAS has put forth an Op-Ed that takes a look at the at trends in the digital advertising space. It drew on several sources, including eMarketer and Forrester, and considered, among other things, spend - current and future, media mix, and influencers. Of the several conclusions drawn, three that pertain directly to paid search are:

  1. Budgets continue to shift to digital advertising channels
  2. Paid will remain number 1 for, well, forever it seems
  3. Value is driving budget distribution.


Online Landscape: Marketers Should Watch Google, Macro Trends

MediaPost's Online Media Daily takes a look at the future following a holiday season that saw an increase in digital advertising spend. Several experts were consulted, including OptiMine CTO Rob Cooley:


Increasing Paid Search ROI Through Keyword Bidding

Google says keyword bidding is the most critical driver of paid search ROI, but you have to do it right to get the best financial results. 


Google Report On Consumer Intentions

If you're wondering how consumers intend to behave this holiday shopping season, Google and Ipsos OXT have released a report that should take some of the mystery out of it for you. For your convenience we've embedded the report below, or you can download the pdf here


Search Marketing Standard Features OptiMine’s Own Rob Cooley

Bid testing is critical to paid-search success and Rob Cooley, OptiMine CTO, makes the case for a robust testing program in the Fall 2012 issue of Search Marketing Standard.  In addition to the reasons you should have an ongoing bid testing program, "Bid Testing and Budgets" compares the three most common methods - current bid, position-based and value based - and explains why value based is the best for driving increased financial returns and generating data you can use to make your programs stronger