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Achieving the Gold Standard in Paid Search Bid Optimization

Global keyword-level is the gold standard for paid search bid optimization] Global keyword-level is the pinnacle of paid search bid optimization. Nothing can beat it for driving performance improvement. Not rules-based, not local optimization and not global cluster-level optimization. The reasons for global keyword-level's superiority are many. 

To explore the issue in detail, OptiMine has published a white paper, authored by CTO Rob Cooley, that takes a detailed look at optimization in all it's forms.

Whether you're new to paid search, or a seasoned veteran, "Achieving the Gold Standard in Paid-Search Bid Optimization" lays bare the truth: that all model-based optimization is not the same and the differences are significant in approach and results.

Download your copy of "Achieving the Gold Standard in Paid-Search Bid Optimization" today.