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Forbes: Glory Days Ahead for Google?

So what's next for Google? After a decade of driving billions and billions of dollars from paid search, Google continues to look for new worlds to conquer, new digital advertising channels to turn into money-making machines.  According to an article in Forbes, the best is yet to come for the giant of search. Contributor Elise Ackerman points to three reasons she believes "Google's glory days may still lie ahead."

According to Ackerman,  Mobile, pay per call and YouTube are poised to be the next big revenue drivers for Google. Given the search behemoth's track record and bank account, it's hard to argue with their ability to find and exploit additional revenue-generating opportunities. As with all things, some with succeed - some more some less - and others will fail. But Ackerman's conclusion is as close to an air-tight argument as one can make:

[T]he beauty of betting on Google right now is that the company has the luxury of investing for growth. Google’s core advertising business has enough strength to carry the company into the immediate future of mobile ads and ubiquitous video. The king of search can keep his throne and all his toys—his asteroid mines, his self-driving cars and his cyborg experiments—provided he keeps his eye on the advertising dollar.

 Seems about right.