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Marketers: Are you Linking Social with your Sales?

Social media has become an instrumental channel for marketers and for many good reasons – it helps build awareness, allows brands to connect directly with consumers, increases engagement and much more. But even with social media’s popularity some marketers still aren’t using it for its full potential, and this might be especially true for Snapchat.

Since Snapchat officially launched their Android app in 2012, it has grown into a full blown advertising platform. The company recently announced that Mashable, Tastemade and IGN will join the Snapchat Discover portal, along with names like ESPN, Cosmopolitan and CNN. Advertising is a large part of Discover’s appeal because it allows brands to reach the app’s 100 million daily active users through full-screen video ads and sponsored daily stories.

It has also been pointed out that Snapchat is one of the first to embrace vertical video. According to industry sources, vertical video raises viewer completion by 36%. A Snapchat report also found that vertical ads were viewed to the end nine times more than horizontal.

Marketers are continuing to develop increasingly creative and engaging ad campaigns through Snapchat as it’s grown to be an innovative platform for brands. In a recent Econsultancy article we see how five brands:  Audi, Sour Patch Kids, Calvin Klein, H&M and McDonalds, developed very creative Snapchat campaigns that were extremely successful for gaining followers, views, impressions and awareness. The article states that:

“Snapchat might not seem like an obvious choice for marketers, but some of the most successful brands on the planet have been using this platform to run some really interesting campaigns.”

Some results of the above Snapchat campaigns: Audi gaining more than 100,000 snap views, Sour Patch Kids receiving more than 26,000 screenshots and H&M obtaining lift in positive media coverage. While it’s great that these brands received a huge increase in their followers, but what is one of the most important goals of marketing? SALES!

It’s apparent marketers still struggle to measure the financial impact of their social media investments. And although there’s no doubt Snapchat provides an advantage to these brands, marketers must be able to link the efforts of their campaigns with sales outcomes, and with agility. It’s important in today’s competitive marketing environment that marketers are able to quickly gain insights of their efforts, ultimately to test and adjust for maximum financial outcomes. Unfortunately, we still seem to be living in the early stages of the social frenzy, but we hope to toast a new trend in social soon: accountability- or the need to measure the hard dollar impact and contributions of social media advertising. 

We Want to Know

  • Do you use Snapchat in your marketing strategy? And if so, what is your goal with Snapchat?
  • Have you had success linking your social media campaigns with sales?
  • What new trends do you hope to see in social soon?


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