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More Facebook Measurement Problems = The Independent Marketing Measurement Imperative

This week, Facebook announced for the second time in recent months, that their methods of measurement for several KPIs of interest to advertisers were inaccurate. In response, they are re-organizing to provide more transparency for marketers. But this raises a few critical questions for brands:

1. Do you trust the walled gardens such as Facebook and Google to provide you metrics that you use to guide your ad spend? Hint: if you've ever compared the same metrics for the same traffic from the measurement platforms of Google and Facebook, the answer will be clear. 

2. Are measures such as customer engagement, video metrics and lower funnel activity important for making decisions about the effectiveness of your brands? 

3. If measurement of your marketing investments in these walled gardens is important, why are you relying on them to provide the answers?

At OptiMine, we believe that brands should have accurate, independent marketing measurement and further, this measurement shouldn't rely solely on customer activities such as clicks or views to provide the measurement answer. The reasons for this need for independence are many. Even putting the "fox in the hen house" issue aside, there are several important areas that the walled gardens' measurement platforms cannot track. If the consumer identity cannot be matched across devices - which happens more frequently than marketers realize- the walled garden measurement will be highly inaccurate. Or, if the consumer doesn't click on the ad- on mobile, most do not- the value of an ad appears falsely lower. Time and again, the brands we work with realize via our analytics that their video, social and display ads can be grossly undervalued - with the key being able to know which ads and campaigns are undervalued and by how much.

The bottom line is that the measurement platforms from the ad networks are problematic at best, and marketers need solutions that account for the full breadth of impact that these marketing investments have- and do so accurately.