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New partner for Adobe and SearchCenter+

Adobe has announced they have tapped OptiMine to provide keyword performance predictive analytics for SearchCenter+. You can read the press release here

In a nutshell, here is how SearchCenter+ customers, present and future, win through this partnership [emphasis is mine]: The addition of OptiMine predictive keyword analytics to SearchCenter+ is particularly powerful for Adobe customers because SearchCenter+ captures the actual performance of each keyword in every one of the customer’s paid search campaigns. The OptiMine algorithms will now leverage SearchCenter+ keyword performance data, giving these algorithms a highly valuable data source to more accurately predict keyword performance and automatically generate optimal bids accordingly. Adobe customers can begin adding this new feature to their SearchCenter+ contracts immediately. Simply put, the combination of SearchCenter+ and OptiMine, offers a users a paid-search advantage over competitors who use other digital marketing platforms. From Jim Moar, OptiMine CEO: “We are delighted to partner with Adobe SearchCenter+ and believe the relationship validates the significant customer returns generated through our unique ability to automatically model every keyword,” OptiMine will be in Boston next week exhibiting at Shop.org - booth 953. Stop by and see OptiMine in action.