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OptiMine and QuickQuid: The Value of Innovation

Editor's note: Today's guest post was written by Anne Perkins Optimizing your digital strategy is an important task for any organization today. However, when you’re in a highly competitive industry and need to stay ahead of the curve, it is essential to partner with subject matter experts. QuickQuid , a leader in online consumer lending, did just that — partnering with OptiMine to establish overarching digital marketing objectives. Optimine’s business approach, thought leadership and disciplined models have helped QuickQuid execute on its goals, while still maintaining an ideal budget. 

Top Considerations for Choosing a Digital Strategist There are some key elements to consider when choosing a company to help you with your digital strategy. At the top of the list are advanced models and efficient algorithms along with unique product offerings that will give you an edge over other businesses. OptiMine’s paid search and display models, for instance, have allowed QuickQuid to effectively determine the best bid strategy to increase ROI while seeing positive results in other online advertising channels. You’ll also want to make sure that your digital strategy partner will help you develop effective bid testing that will reach your set targets. If you’re able to implement an effective strategy within one brand or channel, you can use what you learned and apply it across other brands or channels within your company, saving the company time and money. QuickQuid’s sister companies we’re able to implement the strategy OptiMine created for QuickQuid and have seen similar results. Before you pick your digital strategist, make sure to do your research, compare product offerings, and find out what or who has worked for other companies within your field. You can follow Anne & QuickQuid on Twitter, Facebook, & Google Plus.