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OptiMine has the Big Mo in Paid Search Bid Optimization

The guys with the green eye shades have been locked down crunching the numbers and the report is in: 2012 has been a year of growing momentum for OptiMine Software.  From spend under management, to keyword counts and trial results, OptiMine's growth is on an upward trajectory

You can read the entire press release here, but let us summarize some of the highlights from the first half of 2012:

    • Spend under management is up more than 3X Jan.-June
    • Keywords bid on daily have increased by more than 700%
    • Senior management has grown with the addition of VPs in sales and marketing

Growth is great, but growth based on the quantifiable financial results delivered to customers is unbeatable: “We are delighted with the financial improvements OptiMine customers realize by managing their paid search campaigns at the individual keyword level,” said Jim Moar, CEO of OptiMine. “More than ever, performance-obsessed advertisers understand that keyword bid optimization is critical to overall paid-search financial performance. This knowledge has contributed to OptiMine’s growth in recent months.”  Here are the top line results from the last 45 trials. Keep in mind these trials were customer-run and conducted against a wide variety of incumbent bidding systems.

    • 73% of the time, OptiMine improved financial results by at least 25%
    • In 40% of the trials financial improvements were over 50%

All in all, realized improvements in paid-search financial results in 44 of 45 trials. Bottom line: 2012 is off to a very nice start and we are looking forward to growing the momentum - by continuing to deliver improved financial results to customers - for the rest of this year and into 2013. @OptiMineInc