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OptiMine Software Just Got Better

OptiMine Bid Optimization Software keeps getting better with a  new version that includes improved performance, usability and stronger keyword analytics. We stuffed a lot under the hood and CTO Rob Cooley only scrapes the surface in this 10 minute video on the OptiMine website. Some of the improvement Rob shows are:

  • A new High-Value modeling technique to extract even more revenue and conversions from high-value keywords
  • Simplified workflow, based on actual customer-behavior, that’s designed to reduce clicks and screen-changes
  • Fast and easy report generation using one set of pull-down options
  • Reports showing performance from the individual keyword level up to campaign level across individual and multiple search engines.
  • A fully customizable SaaS-based reporting dashboard

Even with all that is new, we did keep some of the old.  Most notably, OptiMine still consistently  improves paid search financial returns by 25% or more against all competitors. And we still back that up with the industry's only performance-based price guarantee. If you're new to OptiMine, take some time to check it out.