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Prepare Paid Search Now for Holiday Shopping

I know July will be with us for another day and a half, but that doesn't mean paid search professionals shouldn't begin turning their attention to the inevitable arrival of the Holiday Shopping Season. Still too hot and too soon, you say. Truth is, now is a darn good time to begin thinking about it and, to prove the point, OptiMine's CTO, Rob Cooley, penned a piece for PPC Hero called, "Christmas in July: Considerations for Holiday Planning".

The traditional start to holiday shopping is Black Friday, but, if you follow the Rob's advice, you may find your online season starts earlier. At the very least, analysis of your seasonal curve may reveal increased activity in October, giving  you an opportunity to capture early bird sales with appropriate keyword bidding. With November and December being make-or-break months for so many retailers, doesn't it make sense to do what you can to increase your odds of success? Start by reading "Christmas in July". It's not the final word, but it is a great first word. @OptiMineInc