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Publishers Struggle to Prove Mobile ROI

Still traveling on the rocky road known as mobile marketing measurement? It appears the majority of marketers are – a recent eMarketer report found that only 18 % of marketers say they feel very confident measuring their mobile efforts. For marketers in the news and information industry there may be even less confidence.

A recent article from The Wall Street Journal speaks to a “mobile gap” being created in the publishing industry, because many publishers’ mobile revenue isn’t keeping pace. According to the article both traditional and online publishers’ ad revenues are struggling to keep up as consumers increasingly turn to mobile for their media. The article states that:

“Time spent on publishers’ mobile offerings jumped 40% in the 12 months through July and now accounts for 55% of total time spent on their properties, up from 42% two years ago.”

The problem is that ad revenues aren’t growing at nearly the same speed, creating the mobile gap. Publishers cite that they find it hard to do sophisticated tracking and targeting of their advertisements, have significantly reduced ad real estate, and find it difficult to track performance.

It’s no help to add the topic of walled gardens. Social giants such as Facebook and Twitter offer increased ad targeting and tracking, but it’s only within their own networks. For example, Facebook’s Atlas can track a user across devices and channels, if they are logged into Facebook. Also, this tracking-based measurement approach misses the full value of the mobile display impressions- they have an impact and contribution even if the user doesn’t click on the ad.

If publishers – and their advertisers – can find an agile approach that delivers valuable and actionable insights when measuring their ads, they can quickly and accurately test, measure and adjust their mobile ads for the best possible outcome, meaning a much higher return on investment.

Now that we’ve shared our thoughts, we have questions for you:          

What struggles are you experiencing when trying to measure your mobile marketing?

What would you do if you could measure the value of all your mobile ad impressions?

What are your thoughts on the publishing industry’s future with mobile?