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Putting the “Agile” into Marketing Measurement

Many people in the technology, product management and marketing arenas are familiar with the “Agile Software Development Methodology” and perhaps you’ve even participated directly in this process. If so, you were probably part of a small team aligned to a business owner moving rapidly through “sprints” designed to create new software, mobile apps and digital experiences much more quickly than ever before and with much more fruitful business outcomes. This process works very well and it is no surprise that it is a standard approach used across many successful businesses. The question is: why hasn’t this been applied to marketing measurement? 

If you’ve spent any time attempting to measure complex cross-channel campaigns, you’ll know that the typical road to measurement is anything but “agile”. Scarce IT resources must be aligned, data scrubbed, standardized & aggregated, and software must be implemented and customized before the first insights and learnings are even delivered. The current status quo is broken.

Here at OptiMine, we’ve spent an enormous amount of time, focus, engineering and data science talent to smash the current marketing measurement status quo. That’s why I am so excited about the Agile Insight free trial we announced last week. It is pure agile in every sense of the word:

  • Fast: it delivers full cross-channel digital attribution in less than a week.
  • Zero-Touch: no IT is needed, no tags and cookies to implement, no data to scrub or massage. In less than 10 minutes of your time, you’ll be kicking off an extremely sophisticated platform to measure your Facebook, Google, DoubleClick and Bing ads and how they influence each other and your marketing results.
  • Clear Business Impacts: we’ll provide you with a playbook of recommendations on where to spend more or less across these channels, which ads contribute the most to other ads in other channels and where to optimize your spend to yield the highest performance gains.
  • Support for Sprints: testing a new channel? Unsure which display ads are driving the more paid search activity? Want a read during the quarter with time left to still hit your numbers? Only OptiMine can move as fast as your business questions and react and respond in time.

We initially found it strange that we are the first and only marketing measurement company to offer a cloud-based free trial offering, but that is a commentary on just how broken the status quo is. We also think you’ll love our platform once you’ve discovered how agile it really is. To learn more about it, go to: agile.optimine.com.