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Search Marketing Standard Features OptiMine’s Own Rob Cooley

Bid testing is critical to paid-search success and Rob Cooley, OptiMine CTO, makes the case for a robust testing program in the Fall 2012 issue of Search Marketing Standard.  In addition to the reasons you should have an ongoing bid testing program, "Bid Testing and Budgets" compares the three most common methods - current bid, position-based and value based - and explains why value based is the best for driving increased financial returns and generating data you can use to make your programs stronger

Most every paid-search marketer engages in bid testing of some form, even if they don't realize it.  But an ongoing, systematic approach is necessary to maintaining a strong program that will help you continually achieve your financial goals. By now you know OptiMine places a great deal of importance on the practice of bid testing.  In addition to the new article, we've authored a white paper, and Rob addressed a live audience at SMX East on the subject (more on that to come in the near future). So, yes, we believe bid testing is critical to building and maintaining a robust paid-search program.  We also believe value-based is the best of the methodologies in use today.   Download the article and white paper today and become a believer.