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Stop Missing Out on Better Ad Performance

As the number of advertising channels continues to grow roadblocks arise for marketers when trying to measure their cross-channel marketing efforts. Because of this marketers are continuously struggling to understand the complete value of their ads and cross-channel contributions. 

A recent Econsultancy report  found that 73% of respondents say cross-channel interactions have a major impact on increasing conversions. Marketers know cross-channel marketing works, but how and why? Many don’t have the right technology to help understand the full value of their ad performance.

It’s also apparent cross-channel marketing measurement may involve the problem of time sensitivity, as many measurement solutions can leave marketers waiting months or even years for their results.  An eMarketer study found that marketers are no further along than two years ago in terms of using multi-channel data. The report covered by eMarketer also states that:

“More than half of marketers and ecommerce professionals polled pointed to technology as the root of their problem.”

It’s no surprise marketers see technology as a large problem when so many solutions are not agile enough to deliver accurate, actionable results. As a leader in agile marketing measurement we’ve created a solution to the problem. Our new OptiMine Agile Insight Free Trial shows you complete cross-channel digital attribution for your Facebook, Google, DoubleClick and Bing ads in just one week. Free.

Our zero cost, zero effort digital attribution platform is the easiest, fastest setup ever and the quickest path to your marketing ROI. Find out more benefits of the free trial and start your path to the OptiMine Insight agile marketing measurement difference!