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The Travel Industry Can’t Neglect Measuring Cross-Channel Ad Performance

Today’s travelers are using multiple platforms to do their travel research and plan trips - and they have many options to do so. From company websites, email promotions, social media, call centers and more, there are multiple channels for consumers to find travel information.

Perhaps the most increasing channel of choice for travel consumers is mobile. A recent eMarketer survey found that “61.1 million US consumers expected to look up information prior to a trip via a mobile device this year—representing 47.4% of digital travel researchers.” That number is expected to increase 20% by next year.

By the year 2017 more than 30% of worldwide travel bookings will be made on mobile devices. Research confirms mobile marketing for the travel industry will only continue to increase, making it clear marketers need to include mobile in their marketing mix and most likely make it a priority channel.

Despite mobile becoming the device of choice when it comes to travel marketing, there are still multiple options available to consumers for their information. Which means marketers in this industry have a lot of channels to keep up with. Take the example of a consumer seeing an ad for travel deals through Facebook on their mobile device, then later using their tablet to do more research on the company’s website. That’s just one of many consumers using multiple devices and multiple channels to do travel research.

If travel marketers neglect measuring their customer’s cross-channel paths they will not only lose valuable insights on their advertising, but they might lose their customers. As with any industry consumers want a quick and painless experience on any device, so if travel brands aren’t keeping track of their ad performance they will lose customers to their competitors. Travel marketers need an agile solution to fully measure their cross-channel ad performance. Then they can continue to test and measure for the best possible outcome and keep their cross-channel customers happy.

OptiMine’s Suggestion for Travel Marketers:

  • Find an agile marketing measurement platform that can reveal cross-channel performance from every ad in every channel
  • Make sure consumers have a consistent experience across all devices so that they won’t abandon any channels
  • Continue to test and measure your ads and channels with an agile approach so that you can quickly act on your insights to boost ROI