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Treat Your Paid-Search Keywords as Individuals: Visit Optimine at SMX Advanced

A few months ago OptiMine published its first white paper, "Achieving the Gold Standard in Paid Search Bid Optimization". In it, OptiMine CTO Rob Cooley made the case that using global keyword-level modeling to optimize keyword bidding is superior to other modeling techniques a that employ clusters. The reason, quite simply, is that keyword-level modeling treats each and every one individually, regardless of the number of keywords. 

At the end of the white paper a simple question was implied: Why cluster keyword data if you don't have to? 

The answer, also implied:

There's no reason to.  On June 5th and 6th the only bid optimization system that models every keyword individually will be in booth 24 at SMX Advanced. We invite you to stop and see why OptiMine guarantees paid search financial performance improvements of 25% or more. Yes, it's all in how we treat the keywords - as individuals. While you're there, we also invite you visit our competitors booths. Compare OptiMine results to those that use clustering, local, and rules-based optimization methods.

If you can't make it to Seattle, the OptiMine website lays out the case quite nicely in this video and in several case studies.