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Twitter Is Becoming Bigger Than Twitter

Last week we heard the big news that Twitter launched a new advertising network known as the “Twitter Audience Platform” which offers additional ad options to marketers and increased reach beyond the Twitter platform itself.  

The Twitter Audience Platform is actually an upgraded, rebranded launch of their former Twitter Publisher Network, launched in April of last year. The most appealing addition to the new platform is the ability for advertisers to increase the reach of tweet engagements and video views on and off Twitter.

[US Digital Video Ad Spending, 2013-2019 (billions and % change)] According to Twitter the new ad network will reach around 300 million people through Twitter and about 400 million more across partner apps. This will be exciting to advertisers and marketers because they can now drive engagement on third-party apps to reach a non-user mobile audience.  Twitter has made this possible with the use of MoPub, a mobile ad exchange technology Twitter acquired in 2013.

It seems the upgraded platform has launched just in time as video marketing is skyrocketing. According to eMarketer, digital video advertising revenue in the U.S. is expected to rise 34% to $7.77 billion this year. In Twitter’s official announcement they say the new platform also offers increased measurement, targeting and engagement. The big metrics marketers care about. But with any new platform or network comes questions and concerns.

OptiMine’s Take:

The need for agile marketing measurement with this newly expanded channel will be essential for its success. As with any advertising, the need to understand its true value is crucial and when it comes to mobile and in-app ads, clicks will be low to non-existent. This means that relying only on Twitter’s click-based measurement could severely under-value the potential of these impressions.

Will the Twitter Audience Platform be able to connect the dots and show marketers a full holistic view of their advertisements? The need for agility in marketing measurement is more important than ever right now and this platform must have the ability to measure each ad beyond just clicks – and quickly enough to be actionable. The key will be to understand the full impact of this new channel and what contributions it can make.

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