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Twitter’s New Conversion Lift Reports Just One Piece to a Bigger Puzzle

With today’s multiple choices of channels and devices it’s a rare occurrence that someone is influenced by just one advertisement. As we know consumers today are cross-device and multi-channel – they research on their smartphone while shopping instore, they see an ad on TV and later research more on their tablet, then buy on their desktop. This is the world of modern marketing and why we know last-click attribution is no longer the answer to accurate marketing measurement. 

Last week Twitter introduced conversion lift reports which will provide Twitter advertisers with improved ad tracking and performance. According to Twitter’s blog announcement the purpose of conversion lift reports is:

“To help our advertisers consistently gauge the impact of ad exposure across devices, we’re introducing conversion lift reports — a custom data-driven report designed to help you better understand the impact your Twitter Ads campaigns are driving toward your bottom line.”

How will Twitter’s Conversion Lift Reports work?

Conversion lift reports will compare multiple Twitter Ad campaigns against one another to see which one drives the most value. The data is then shared in a custom report so that the advertiser can see valuable insights for better tracking and performance. The conversion lift reports can help measure three types of campaigns:

  • Website clicks and conversions, measured through conversion tracking for websites
  • Mobile app installs and re-engagement conversions, measured through conversion tracking for mobile apps
  • Carrier switching conversions, which measures the impact of a Telco ad in driving users to switch their mobile carrier

Just One Piece to a Much Bigger Puzzle:

This is a positive step in the need to retire last-click attribution, and actually is an attempt to address the shortcomings of this approach. And if you market in a tight vacuum relying solely on paid and promoted Tweets, this is a single channel solution. The reality for most marketers is just the opposite – hundreds of ads and channels across multiple devices – all creating a larger and more complex puzzle. Instead of piecing together multiple ad and platform reports, marketers today need a measurement solution that reflects and handles their reality with agility and actionable insights. 

As leaders in agile marketing measurement we’ve developed the OptiMine Agile Insight free trial – a cloud based offering that measures your cross-channel ad performance with digital attribution results in one week, free. Our aim is to help marketers understand how their various efforts across Google, Facebook, DoubleClick and Bing drive performance – and to do so quickly and easily. That’s the “agile” part of what we do. Requiring very little effort and zero IT work, our free trial is the easiest, fastest setup ever allowing you to receive actionable recommendations to boost ROI – all in less than a week. Find out more about the free trial and start solving your cross-channel marketing puzzle!