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What to do in a Digital Marketing Lull

Great minds - individually and collectively - think alike. To prove the point one need look no farther than two very important posts published this week in two different publications. Both articles, Christmas in July: Considerations for Holiday Planning, penned by OptiMine's own Rob Cooley, and The Dog Days Of Summer, by Vic Drabicky, offer ideas for how to make use of this "down" time between July the 4th and Holiday 2012.

The bottom line: prepare now for the inevitable. Sure it's hard when the mercury is still  high and the cold seems so far off, but time moves fast and other things have a habit of getting in the way. In Marketing Land, Vic writes about the complacency that hits many/most/all of us this time of year: "Just as this complacency has hit me (and is the sole reason for my article being late), it also hits our campaigns this time of year — causing us to lose money and miss out on opportunities to move our businesses forward." Couldn't agree more. There are still conversions to be had and money to be made. Gazing out the window looking for circus animals in the clouds is like writing a check to your competition. Keep that up and come Holiday 2012, you may find a little something under the tree with best wishes from your favorite rival.