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Twitter Is Becoming Bigger Than Twitter

Last week we heard the big news that Twitter launched a new advertising network known as the “Twitter Audience Platform” which offers additional ad options to marketers and increased reach beyond the Twitter platform itself.  


Marketers: Are you Linking Social with your Sales?

Social media has become an instrumental channel for marketers and for many good reasons – it helps build awareness, allows brands to connect directly with consumers, increases engagement and much more. But even with social media’s popularity some marketers still aren’t using it for its full potential, and this might be especially true for Snapchat.


Industry Recognition for OptiMine

This week, OptiMine was included in Gartner’s 2015 Magic Quadrant for Digital Marketing Analytics. This is an honor for the entire OptiMine team and being recognized in this way is an outcome of all of the hard work my fellow OptiMine employees put in each and every day. OptiMine is especially proud of the work we do for our clients, and that our software is used to improve their marketing performance - whether helping them acquire more new customers, grow their sales, or drive significant improvement in their marketing effectiveness and efficiency. We succeed when our customers succeed, and this drives our focus and intensity.


Twitter’s New Conversion Lift Reports Just One Piece to a Bigger Puzzle

With today’s multiple choices of channels and devices it’s a rare occurrence that someone is influenced by just one advertisement. As we know consumers today are cross-device and multi-channel – they research on their smartphone while shopping instore, they see an ad on TV and later research more on their tablet, then buy on their desktop. This is the world of modern marketing and why we know last-click attribution is no longer the answer to accurate marketing measurement. 


Stop Missing Out on Better Ad Performance

As the number of advertising channels continues to grow roadblocks arise for marketers when trying to measure their cross-channel marketing efforts. Because of this marketers are continuously struggling to understand the complete value of their ads and cross-channel contributions. 


The Dirty (Big) Secret with Attribution

In AdExchanger this week, Gartner Group’s Martin Kihn outlines the struggles of current marketing attribution platforms to accurately and effectively measure today’s complex marketing ecosystem. Read article here. In the article, he cites an in-depth research effort conducted by staff at Google and Microsoft that comes to the conclusion that click or tracking-based marketing attribution platforms simply cannot accurately measure marketing.