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Google PLAs: Mobile clicks and costs are up, but what’s the value

As consumers increasingly adopt mobile search and advertisers optimize Product Listing Ads (PLAs) for delivery on mobile devices, it should surprise no one that the two are converging to drive more clicks (and more revenue) to Google. According to an article in eMarketer, tablets and smartphones grew from 7.8% of PLA clicks in Q1 2013 to 24.3% in Q4. The $1.58 CPC in Q4 was up from the Q1 CPC of $1.18. Although it was $0.06 less than Q3’s $1.64. 


Marketers: Are you Linking Social with your Sales?

Social media has become an instrumental channel for marketers and for many good reasons – it helps build awareness, allows brands to connect directly with consumers, increases engagement and much more. But even with social media’s popularity some marketers still aren’t using it for its full potential, and this might be especially true for Snapchat.