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Dealing with the “Data” in Data-Driven Marketing

How lucky are marketers today, what with all that wonderful data generated by, especially, their digital marketing efforts? It's a veritable feast of numbers: impressions, CPC, CPL, CTR, etc., etc. So, what's not to love about it? According to some companies, plenty. eMarketer is out with a new study that shows that the biggest challenge facing companies, in terms of "Bid Data", is "the time and manpower required to collect and analyze it." The full chart of answers is below and it is almost a graphical representation of the throwing up of ones hands in a surrender to the issue at hand


OptiMine Software Just Got Better

OptiMine Bid Optimization Software keeps getting better with a  new version that includes improved performance, usability and stronger keyword analytics. We stuffed a lot under the hood and CTO Rob Cooley only scrapes the surface in this 10 minute video on the OptiMine website. Some of the improvement Rob shows are:


Open the Black Box of Paid Search Data

Don't settle when it comes to automating your paid-search advertising. There is no shortage of solutions available, but most do not offer two critical pieces; transparency and control


Publishers Struggle to Prove Mobile ROI

Still traveling on the rocky road known as mobile marketing measurement? It appears the majority of marketers are – a recent eMarketer report found that only 18 % of marketers say they feel very confident measuring their mobile efforts. For marketers in the news and information industry there may be even less confidence.