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FireFox 22: Crumbling the digital advertising cookie

By now you've heard Mozilla's announcement to set the cookie default to "block" in the release of Firefox 22. With the current version sitting at number 19 it may be a while, but the end is nigh for 3rd party cookies. Looking for response from the industry ADOTAS reached out to OptiMine today and asked CTO Rob Cooley what he thought the impact would be. You can read his entire answer here, or go with the pasted text below, but the gist is that attention-based advertising has always struggled because it is difficult to place a real value on it using cookies alone. Add the explosion of multi-device usage and the change to Firefox will only only make the problem worse. So, what's an advertiser to do? Look to impressions:


Google's latest sneeze: AdID

Google sneezed and everyone stopped to find out why. The latest rumored innovation is being called Google AdID. It appears Google’s master plan may be to replace third-party cookies with an alternative. Google’s solution would track browsing activity with the added benefit of stronger privacy and control for users. From the USA Today article (emphasis added):


The Importance of measuring cross-channel value: A Q&A With Rob cooley, OptiMine CTO

The following is the first in a series of interviews conducted with OptiMine CTO Rob Cooley. In this series we will dive deep into one of the biggest challenges facing advertisers today; measuring the cross-channel value of their digital ads. Each installment will focus on a different aspect of the issue and include Rob's insight and analysis. In our first interview, we layed the foundation through a discussion of the importance of measuring cross-channel value. Rob also offered two ways advertisers can think about the problem--indirect marketing & direct marketing--both of which are rooted in traditional, offline, advertising strategies. To be sure, online advertising is a different beast, with characterisitics that fit in both paradigms and Rob explores both in this segment. 

Q: How does OptiMine define cross-channel value?

A: What we’re really after is cross-ad value.

Early funnel ads such as display, Facebook, and other social ads do not generate many direct conversions. On the rare occasions when there is a click that results in a conversion, measuring that value is very easy. What is more difficult to measure is the effect upper funnel ad impressions have on the conversion performance of lower funnel ads such as search and retargeting.

But the impact of one on another does not always happen across channels. In fact, intra-channel effects are not unheard of, so what we’re really measuring is cross-ad value.