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Auto-Bidding: A Complex Paid Search Issue Made Clear

If you want a great summary of auto-bidding technology used for paid search bid optimization read this article (plug warning: the interviewee is Rob Cooley, OptiMine's CTO). 


Achieving the Gold Standard in Paid Search Bid Optimization

Global keyword-level is the gold standard for paid search bid optimization] Global keyword-level is the pinnacle of paid search bid optimization. Nothing can beat it for driving performance improvement. Not rules-based, not local optimization and not global cluster-level optimization. The reasons for global keyword-level's superiority are many. 


Keyword Bid Optimization: Choosing the Right Approach

Keyword Bid Optimization]  Paid-search bid optimization comes in two flavors: rules-based and model-based. Within the broad realm of model-based optimization, you’ll find three common methods: global cluster-level modeling, local keyword-level modeling and global keyword-level modeling. Each has pros and cons and each offers various degrees of performance improvement. If you’re not certain what method you’re using currently, or are considering changing what you’re doing, read on for an overview of these different optimization approaches and their relative strengths and weaknesses. 


Rob Cooley, OptiMine CTO, on Choosing the Right Keyword-Bidding Approach

Rob Cooley, OptiMine CTO, has penned an article for Adotas.  The subject, choosing  the best keyword bidding method, is becoming a hot one among paid search professionals. 


Treat Your Paid-Search Keywords as Individuals: Visit Optimine at SMX Advanced

A few months ago OptiMine published its first white paper, "Achieving the Gold Standard in Paid Search Bid Optimization". In it, OptiMine CTO Rob Cooley made the case that using global keyword-level modeling to optimize keyword bidding is superior to other modeling techniques a that employ clusters. The reason, quite simply, is that keyword-level modeling treats each and every one individually, regardless of the number of keywords. 


Going to SMX Advanced? You Gotta See these Models

SMX Advanced kicks off Monday night with a rooftop party, but we really get down to business on Tuesday, June 5  when the floor opens and the best (mathematical) models take center stage in the OptiMine Software booth, number 24. So, why should you stop by OptiMine when there are so many others exhibitors? Let me offer a few reasons:

OptiMine improves paid-search financial results by 25% or more. We'll have some of the results at the booth and our friendly OptiMiners will be happy to tell you about more. OptiMine uses not one, but six modeling techniques to assure maximum performance. And every day it assigns every keyword, individually the appropriate technique to achieve the global goal.No clusters, no rules. Enough said. Spin the wheel for your chance to win  a chunk of cash. OptiMine is a sports car according to @SeaPPC.


Paid-search: Improving financial results through better modeling

Achieving the Gold Standard in Paid-Search Bid Optimization" was the first white paper published by OptiMine and remains the most widely distributed. One of the reasons for its popularity is the way it distills the complex world of bid optimization methodologies into an easy-to-understand guide. Whether you are a paid-search veteran, or just starting out, the Gold Standard white paper will help you segment and understand the differences in approach and results among the various optimization techniques. Today we embark on a series of posts that excerpt Achieving the Gold Standard. We begin with an overview of paid search.  


Increasing Paid Search ROI Through Keyword Bidding

Google says keyword bidding is the most critical driver of paid search ROI, but you have to do it right to get the best financial results.