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Number One in Paid Search: Is it Always the Best Position?

The obvious answer to the question posed in the headline is: Yes. After all, the ad in the top position is more likely to be clicked and, therefore, drive more business in the direction of the company holding the coveted spot. To reinforce that notion, Scott Smigler contributed an article to the practical ecommerce comparing top position click thru and conversion rates with those of side ads. 


Keeping the Paid-Search Plates Spinning

Although we at OptiMine are focused on keyword bid optimization, there are other elements you need to keep an eye on if you want to succeed in arena of paid search. One that ranks near the top of the list is Quality Score. 


Forbes: Glory Days Ahead for Google?

So what's next for Google? After a decade of driving billions and billions of dollars from paid search, Google continues to look for new worlds to conquer, new digital advertising channels to turn into money-making machines.  According to an article in Forbes, the best is yet to come for the giant of search. Contributor Elise Ackerman points to three reasons she believes "Google's glory days may still lie ahead."


Increasing Paid Search ROI Through Keyword Bidding

Google says keyword bidding is the most critical driver of paid search ROI, but you have to do it right to get the best financial results.