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Prepare Paid Search Now for Holiday Shopping

I know July will be with us for another day and a half, but that doesn't mean paid search professionals shouldn't begin turning their attention to the inevitable arrival of the Holiday Shopping Season. Still too hot and too soon, you say. Truth is, now is a darn good time to begin thinking about it and, to prove the point, OptiMine's CTO, Rob Cooley, penned a piece for PPC Hero called, "Christmas in July: Considerations for Holiday Planning".


What to do in a Digital Marketing Lull

Great minds - individually and collectively - think alike. To prove the point one need look no farther than two very important posts published this week in two different publications. Both articles, Christmas in July: Considerations for Holiday Planning, penned by OptiMine's own Rob Cooley, and The Dog Days Of Summer, by Vic Drabicky, offer ideas for how to make use of this "down" time between July the 4th and Holiday 2012.