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OptiMine has the Big Mo in Paid Search Bid Optimization

The guys with the green eye shades have been locked down crunching the numbers and the report is in: 2012 has been a year of growing momentum for OptiMine Software.  From spend under management, to keyword counts and trial results, OptiMine's growth is on an upward trajectory


OptiMine CEO, Jim Moar, Predicts: Big Changes are Coming to Digital Advertising in 2014

January is the month publications across the globe publish predictions for the coming year made by the industry's top experts. ADOTAS is no differnt. Actually, it is a little bit different in that its list of 51 predictions includes three from OptiMine's CEO Jim Moar. Jim's predictions range from the development of new technolgies that will do what attribution can't--measure ad value, to the development of cross-channel measurement standards, to solutions for optimizing ad mix.