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Auto-Bidding: A Complex Paid Search Issue Made Clear

If you want a great summary of auto-bidding technology used for paid search bid optimization read this article (plug warning: the interviewee is Rob Cooley, OptiMine's CTO). 


Keyword Bid Optimization: Choosing the Right Approach

Keyword Bid Optimization]  Paid-search bid optimization comes in two flavors: rules-based and model-based. Within the broad realm of model-based optimization, you’ll find three common methods: global cluster-level modeling, local keyword-level modeling and global keyword-level modeling. Each has pros and cons and each offers various degrees of performance improvement. If you’re not certain what method you’re using currently, or are considering changing what you’re doing, read on for an overview of these different optimization approaches and their relative strengths and weaknesses. 


Treat Your Paid-Search Keywords as Individuals: Visit Optimine at SMX Advanced

A few months ago OptiMine published its first white paper, "Achieving the Gold Standard in Paid Search Bid Optimization". In it, OptiMine CTO Rob Cooley made the case that using global keyword-level modeling to optimize keyword bidding is superior to other modeling techniques a that employ clusters. The reason, quite simply, is that keyword-level modeling treats each and every one individually, regardless of the number of keywords.