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OptiMine Impact

We put the brains into bid optimization.

OptiMine's best-of-breed bid optimization platform puts you ahead of the competition with the smartest optimization engine available. Whatever your goal, OptiMine Impact's automated intelligence aligns – and continually refines – each individual keyword and ad bid to ensure maximum performance toward your global goal.

You Set the Performance Objectives
OptiMine Achieves (and Exceeds) Them

OptiMine Impact's configurable platform lets you specify the performance parameters tailored to your business objectives. Choose your objective – ROAS, order volume, leads, customer acquisition, revenue growth or cost efficiency – and target performance level; then let OptiMine Impact do the rest. Its ultra-intelligent, automated engine dynamically adjusts your paid search and display ad bids based on competitive and market factors so that you keep your edge and drive peak performance perpetually.

Performance Obsessed? You're in Good Company

OptiMine Impact's high-performance bid optimization platform tends to attract like minds – those who won't settle for anything less than maximum performance. Whether you're after more orders, increased profits or reduced cost-per-sale, our results speak for themselves.

Raising the Bar with Global Portfolio Optimization

OptiMine Impact uses a global portfolio approach to optimize each individual ad and keyword to achieve the greatest overall financial impact toward your goal. Only OptiMine Impact has six flexible models to fit every situation, automatically selecting the best model for each individual ad and keyword in service of your global objective. Its advanced, predictive algorithms consider hundreds of performance variables and bid up high-performing keywords and ads, while bidding down low performers, to ensure maximum overall performance. The software continually adjusts and tunes daily, reacting to rapidly changing market and competitive dynamics, so you get superlative performance while relieving your staff from monitoring and adjusting manually – saving you valuable resources, time and missed market opportunities.

Calibrated Optimization Takes Your Performance to New Heights

Unlike solutions that analyze individual ads and keywords in isolation, OptiMine Impact accounts for and leverages both intra-channel and cross-channel interactions to take your performance to new heights. OptiMine Impact not only optimizes the interplay between early- and late-funnel keywords and ads, it even works across channels to optimize search and display ads holistically, measuring and accounting for cross-channel effects to drive optimal performance toward your business goal.

Solo Deployment or Seamless Integration

OptiMine Impact can function independently or or as an intelligent complement to campaign management systems with weak bundled bidding modules. Our clients choose OptiMine Impact because they want a best-of-breed solution for their complex paid search programs to maximize their performance objectives.

Get on the Fast Track to Better Performance

With OptiMine Impact, you get the best performance possible, without the headaches and hassles.

No implementation headaches

OptiMine Impact works with your current measurement infrastructure – no additional tagging and tracking required. This minimizes implementation time, costs and headaches, while eliminating conflicting "versions of the truth" in reporting.

No prolonged custom modeling implementation

OptiMine Impact is cloud-based software, not a custom consulting service engagement, and its automated algorithms learn, adjust and tune quickly to ensure you the fastest possible ramp-up to ROI.

No software to install or maintain

OptiMine Impact's cloud-based platform works out of the box, with no need for IT staffing or additional resources.

No manual oversight

OptiMine Impact's platform adjusts automatically to dynamic market conditions and changes to business objectives – saving you time and effort while delivering maximum ROI over time.

OptiMine's Best-of-Breed Platform Delivers Better Results

In hundreds of deployments across a range of industries – from retail to financial services to travel – OptiMine Impact's best-of-breed platform consistently delivers significant performance increases through paid search, display and cross-channel optimization. Visit our Case Studies section to learn more!

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