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The CMO Council Journal: The Holy Grail Of Marketing?

For OptiMine CEO Matt Voda, one of the key areas of value from MPM solutions is the agility that they afford organizations thanks to three important benefits. First is speed to value as they allow marketers to realize value from the platform within mere weeks. Second is actionable insight due to organizations’ ability to rapidly adjust spend and optimize performance through these systems. Third is the provision of a persistent market pulse, allowing marketing to stay current with or even ahead of the market.

“The benefits of MPM can be truly transformative for organizations because a proper system will shed light on which ads and channels are having the most or least impact,” he explains. “Armed with this intelligence, the informed marketer has the ability to immediately optimize ROI.”


Forbes: 16 Marketing Predictions For 2016 From The C-Suite

"TV as we know it, will change forever starting in 2016,” was OptiMine CEO Matt Voda’s answer when Forbes Contributor Kimberly Whitler asked for our 2016 marketing predictions. What change is about to arrive on the TV landscape? In the future, who will be the winners and losers in media and marketing? Click the link below to find out – the answer may surprise you.



What are the 2-3 bold predictions you’d make for the next six months? And what is/are the most important metric (s) you use to guide your decision making process? These questions were posed to Matt Voda, OptiMine’s President, as part of 3Q’s “Marketing Mavericks” blog series. Want to know Matt’s unique perspective on these and other questions? Click the link below to find out! 


Marketers Need to Measure All Touchpoints Throughout the Purchase Funnel

The advertising and marketing ecosystem is in a neck-and-neck race to keep up with ever-changing consumer trends, an explosion of new marketing channels, and a plethora of new Internet-connected devices.

To swiftly respond to the rapidly shifting landscape and drive return on investment (ROI), enterprise marketers can no longer view marketing performance merely by channel-specific metrics. In a world where consumers move seamlessly across a myriad channels and devices, successful marketers must understand the interplay of each element in the mix, how each channel and ad contributes to the entire funnel, and how they combine to contribute to the bottom line.


Is Your Funnel Half-Full or Half-Empty

2014 ushered in massive changes to the marketing landscape. With the launch of advertising on Tumblr and Snapchat, promoted Pinterest pins, Twitter’s “buy” button, and Apple Pay, to name just a sampling, we as marketers have more ways than ever to connect with consumers at every stage of the purchase funnel. How many of these have you considered or invested in? Which existing channels are you scaling back to fund these new ones? More importantly, are you justifying your channel investments by measuring their impact on your funnel?


How Critical Are Technical Skills in Marketing? 13 Leaders Weigh In

If you think back on the history of marketing, you might see visions of smoke-filled rooms, desks dotted with decanters of liquor, and meetings revolving around artfully crafted creative pieces propped up on easels. That’s where marketing came from – a history of gut-feel and liquor-fueled inspiration. At least, that’s how all the old assumptions of marketing might’ve rolled up into one general scene. Today, though, marketing looks decidedly different.  Where creative craft was the old hallmark of the marketing trade, for the new school of marketers, technical agility and acumen seem to rule the day.


7 Deadly Sins of Marketing: The biggest mistakes marketers make today

We learn something new every day. That’s the idea anyway. We exact plans and strategies.  Some work and some don’t. Then, we sit down and sift through the pros and cons of every single move. We are pawns in the big game – whatever that big game may be. Win, and the world is a better place. Lose, and, well, you know the story. The trick, as we know, is never make the same mistake twice. Success can be gleaned from the ashes of failure – period.


Actionable Analysis: Why Accurate Attributions is So Important and What You Can Do Once You Have It

Since the dawn of advertising, savvy marketers have strived to measure the impact of their campaigns. Easier said than done, of course. While we as marketers have come a long way since the days of John Wanamaker, the irony of today’s rapid shift from offline to digital is that it is actually more difficult than ever to accurately measure marketing ROI.