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OptiMine Insight


OptiMine’s cloud based agile marketing measurement platform illuminates cross-channel performance from every angle, quickly revealing layers of insight not possible with traditional attribution and marketing mix modeling – faster, and at far less expense.


With new channels and devices constantly reshaping and complicating the marketing landscape, the key to maximizing your budget is agility. Since the average consumer uses three devices – and countless channels – solutions that don't measure complete marketing value across channels and devices simply don't work. Because traditional attribution solutions leave blind spots across devices and are imprecise on hard-to-track channels, you can end up missing the mark on your marketing measurement.


Know Where Your Spend Matters Most

OptiMine Insight provides you with a holistic view of your cross-channel advertising spend to see what ads drive performance, and others that are slacking. Our insights tell you how ads in one channel influence ads in another, throughout the funnel and which ads deserve your investment. OptiMine combines comprehensive, top-down views and actionable, bottom-up views of your marketing spend. Top-Down views show you which channels (offline, social, search, mobile) drive the most sales, revenue and new customers for your business. Bottom-up views drill into the individual ad level, leaving no ad unturned and uncovering hidden value.

Channels Contributing to
Social Media Conversions

Get a holistic view of each channel's overall contribution to performance in any specific channel. In this case, display ads contributed to conversions through social media to the tune of $210,950.

Social Media Contributions to Conversions through Other Channels

Understand a given channel's specific cross-channel influence on conversions. In this case, social media marketing drove $321,222 additional revenue through conversions in other channels.

Know Why Your Business Performance Has Changed Over Time

Since your ads don’t perform in a vacuum, we start by removing the noise. We use tens of thousands of unique, automated models to separate and isolate external factors, such as the economy, seasonality, and market dynamics – as well as internal factors like budget and creative executions- so you can understand why performance has changed over time and what to do immediately to optimize results.

Congrats! Your revenues went up almost 70%.
OptiMine Insight Tells You Why

OptiMine Insight breaks down the factors driving the overall change in marketing performance between two time periods, so you know exactly what's behind performance fluctuations.

Cross-channel performance drives a lift in your business. This shows how much your marketing channels are combining to raise overall performance.


Ongoing insights let you continually test, measure, act and adjust to keep up with the evolving market and optimize ROI. In fact, as new data comes in, we refresh our models in one-to-two days. New social channel on the scene? Test before investing further. Budget cuts? We continually separate the high-performances from the slackers so you can invest accordingly.

How It Works

OptiMine Insight’s automated cloud-based software runs tens of thousands of models to uncover which ads are the most and least effective at driving business outcomes such as revenue, orders, customer acquisition and lead generation.

The backbone of our agile approach is econometric time series analysis. It’s used by Harvard, search engines, and economists around the world to predict everything from unemployment to pricing bubbles to elections. Insight takes econometrics to the next level with agile marketing measurement. We didn’t invent the math, but we did develop a whole series of models and automation that allow OptiMine to go deeper and you to be more agile.

Why We're A Smarter Solution

OptiMine’s unique approach puts it in a league of its own. See how OptiMine’s unique approach is faster and more accessible than traditional attribution and marketing mix solutions:

  • Fastest solution: The fastest path to ROI. OptiMine Insight is the fastest solution to deploy and update in the market- especially compared to attribution and marketing mix solutions that can take many months or even years to implement and collect data.
  • Most actionable: Ad level insights. Only Insight provides both top-down and bottom-up views with instant, actionable recommendations for immediate performance improvement.
  • Ongoing insights: Stay current with the rapidly evolving market. Ongoing analytics allow you to continually test, measure, act and adjust with ongoing model updates in 24-48 hours.

"Mastering Cross-Channel Measurement"

Learn the secrets to achieving complete, actionable cross-channel measurement in an increasingly complex environment of devices, channels and ad formats.

Featuring Forrester Research, Inc. Analyst Tina Moffett

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