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Drive Search Performance with Display Optimization

Could the key to better search results be hiding in display? Most marketers understand that display impacts search results, but few knew exactly how big that impact was - until now. It's simple: if you're not using display to maximize search performance, you're losing out on 15%-25% (or more) in results.

Watch this webinar to see OptiMine CTO Rob Cooley show you:

  • How to measure display's impact on search performance (Hint: Attribution won’t get you there.)
  • Case studies demonstrating how optimized display drove incremental cross-channel financial increases - to the tune of 15%-25% - with search getting the bigger bump
  • How to harness the cross-channel effect of display to create a virtuous cycle of optimization across your most important channels

When advertisers measure and optimize display's cross-channel value, search reaps huge rewards. This means that even if display ads haven’t been in your plan or even in your job description, it’s time to make them work for you. Get beyond "optimizing in a silo" by attending this webinar to see what you've been missing.

Drive Search Performance with Display Optimization from OptiMine Software on Vimeo.