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Determining the Incremental Value of Marketing

In this whitepaper, OptiMine explores the tradeoffs of different measurement approaches, including more “modern” attribution methods, along with guidance on common pitfalls, risks and an overall comparison of the methods available to marketers today. The key take-aways are: 

  • Proper controlled tests are too expensive and time-consuming when thousands of digital ads are put into the mix
  • Analysis paradigms that rely on tracking individual paths to purchase have severe practical limitations
  • While statistical models may not be a marketer’s first choice for determining value, they have become the only viable option in today’s complex omni-channel environment


Tackle Channel Proliferation With Integrated And Agile Marketing Performance Measurement

Channel and device proliferation have created new complexities for marketing measurement, making performance measurement and attribution more difficult than ever. This research-driven whitepaper from OptiMine & Forrester Research provides a guide for agile measurement strategies that will lead your brand to success!


Bid Testing Best Practices

Bid testing is vital to maintaining a successful paid search program, but it can also be risky if not done correctly. This white paper looks in depth at the pros and cons of three common bid testing methods. Download it to find out which is best for your campaigns. 


Measuring the Cross-Channel Value of Digital Advertising

This white paper explores the continued struggle to measure the cross-channel value of digital advertising. Download it to learn:

  • Why the audience approach to measurement triumphs where attribution fails
  • How the audience approach uncovers the hidden value in display advertising
  • How advertisers are taking action, realigning display bids and buys and driving increases of 15%-25% in cross-channel financial results


Achieving the Gold Standard in Paid-Search Bid Optimization

Paid-search bid optimization comes in two flavors: rules-based and model-based. Within the broad realm of model-based optimization, you’ll find three common methods: global cluster-level modeling, local keyword-level modeling and global keyword-level modeling. Each has pros and cons and each offers various degrees of performance improvement.