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The Joy of Knowing

Agile cross-channel attribution for both digital and traditional marketing, across any online and offline conversions.

How it Works


The Power of Agile Attribution

Besides insomnia and indigestion, the most common ailment plaguing today’s marketing professional is uncertainty. The not-knowing that so often leads to the not-succeeding.

Well, we’re giving guesswork its walking papers. INSIGHT combines deeply granular measurement, unheard of speed and ingenious privacy-safe technology, to give you the insight you need to confidently make decisions about your marketing - retiring your Magic 8 Ball once and for all.

Agile Marketing Attribution in Action

The Fastest Solution with the Fastest ROI. Actionable Insights to Immediately Improve Performance. Persistent, Continuous Guidance to Stay Ahead of the Market.


The fastest speed to value, going live in a fraction of the time compared to multi-touch attribution and marketing mix modeling vendors.

More Detailed

The most actionable, detailed measures, guidance and recommendations- at ad and campaign levels- across both digital and traditional marketing channels.


OptiMine’s solution delivers attribution without PII, cookies, tracking or identity data, making it the most privacy-safe, future-proof solution.

Challenges Brands Solve with OptiMine INSIGHT

OptiMine Insight’s robust and deeply granular measures help you improve your business through highly actionable guidance covering the most comprehensive cross-channel perspective in the market. OptiMine Insight- always on, always agile, always actionable insights.

OptiMine Insight measures the total impact of all your marketing channels, campaigns and tactics, across all of your conversion points, delivering the path to growth and increased value.
It’s no secret: privacy-driven data loss is making your marketing attribution picture disappear. OptiMine Insight brings into focus the entire ROI picture including traditional and upper funnel channels that cannot be easily tracked.
OptiMine Insight separates the winners from the losers, allowing you to identify the safest savings while maximizing revenues and ROI.
Need expert support to guide marketing decisions and drive positive results? No problem. OptiMine’s expert Client Success teams combine deep, real-world experience with OptiMine’s leading analytics to guide you to success.
If you are missing marketing and conversion channels in your current measurement, you are missing out on significant ROI. Complete the full picture with OptiMine Insight and measure any outcome, KPI and conversion channel.


OptiMine INSIGHT: A Smarter Solution

OptiMine measures the incremental impacts of both digital and traditional marketing with conversions captured online and offline. In deeply granular detail, with unparalleled speed, using a 100% privacy-safe approach.

How OptiMine Works

See OptiMine in Action

OptiMine combines machine learning, incredibly sophisticated algorithms, model automation, and cloud-based scale to deliver the most agile marketing measurement in the market.

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Measure the True, Incremental Contributions of Your Marketing

Why invest so much in your marketing only to get the wrong answers? It starts with measuring and controlling for non-marketing factors impacting your sales.


100% Privacy-Safe: No PII, No Cookies, No Identity Data

OptiMine is the only solution that provides deeply detailed campaign measurement without using PII. Period.

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OptiMine can measure any outcome, KPI or conversion metric you have

Want a different KPI measured? No problem. With other marketing mix model and multi-touch attribution vendors, you have to start all over again, wasting time, money and precious resources.


Only OptiMine delivers deeply detailed, granular measurement across all channels

"Unified" solution vendors that attempt to combine marketing mix models and multi-touch attribution suffer from conflicting guidance, math and methodologies that cannot be "unified", measurement gaps, and inaccurate measurement- hardly "unified" at all.

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Real-Time Campaign Performance Reporting

OptiMine Insight delivers continually refreshed performance reporting based on your executed campaigns, feeding your internal BI and reporting dashboards.


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