The Science of Success

Everything we do, every technology we perfect, every expert we hire, is all done with one very clear goal in mind: helping our clients succeed.

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Helping our clients succeed: it’s why we have the fastest solution in the market. It’s why we deliver expert guidance custom-fit to your brand’s needs. It’s why OptiMine is the only solution measuring digital and traditional marketing at deeply detailed levels using a privacy-safe approach without PII.

This is what allows our clients to see the forest for the trees. Or the single pine needle on the forest floor.

This is the OptiMine difference. This is … the Science of Success.

OptiMine is Trusted by the World's Leading Brands



Agile Marketing Measurement and Optimization

Welcome to the New Era of Marketing Measurement


OptiMine has the fastest implementation in the market, getting you to higher ROI faster than any other solution.


Only OptiMine measures both digital and traditional marketing channels down to individual ads and campaigns.


OptiMine’s solution delivers attribution without using PII, cookies, tracking or identity data, making it the most privacy-safe, future-proof solution.

Supported by Experts
Supported by Experts

OptiMine tailors consulting support to your brand's needs with a team of deeply experienced experts.

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01 / Insight

Fortune Favors the Informed

INSIGHT outsmarts uncertainty by quickly showing you exactly what is and isn’t working in your current marketing efforts.

  • Measurement from campaign level to individual ads across all media
  • Deeply granular detail without relying on privacy-invading tech
  • Delivers results in a fraction of the time of other solutions
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02 / Inspire

Test Drive Your ROI

Instant gratification comes standard with INSPIRE, allowing you to immediately see the impact of different spend levels.

  • Instantly see yields, saturation levels and diminishing returns
  • Run real-time scenarios to identify optimal spend
  • Uncover options and opportunities that will immediately lift your business
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Step 2
Step 3

03 / Intent

Control Freaks Welcome

INTENT puts the power in your hands to clearly see optimal budgeting to nimbly reach your goals over any period of time.

  • Powerful, easy-to-use suite of tools you can run as often as you like
  • Data-driven proof that protects and justifies marketing budgets
  • Identify best options to avoid performance drops and missed goals
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04 / Expert Services and Support

Expert Guidance and Support to Move Your Business Forward

OptiMine combines our industry-leading technology and AI with expert consulting services to guide your brand forward.

  • Guidance and decision support from experts backed by unparalleled technology
  • Customized consulting and analytic services tailored fit to your brand's needs
  • Benchmark intelligence to guide you to better decisions and new opportunities
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