The Science of Success

Everything we do, every technology we perfect, every expert we hire, is all done with one very clear goal in mind: helping our clients succeed.

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The Science of Success

Built into every solution we deliver to brands:

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Deep Expertise
  • 20 Years of Successful Solution Delivery
  • 100’s of Years Operating Experience Across Industries
  • Partners for the Long-Term
  • Deeply Experienced, Talented Team


Unparalleled Technology Speed & Scale
  • Deeply Granular MMM- 8X More Detailed
  • Fastest Solution in the Market- 10X Faster
  • Forrester Wave- Marketing Measurement & Optimization Solutions
  • Bespoke, Tailored, Custom Models for Each Brand & KPI
  • Proven, Validated Across Major Industries
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Flexible Solution Support

Only OptiMine provides flexible solution support based on your evolving needs.

Self Service
  • Self-Service? No Problem.
  • Other vendors only provide heavy consulting, which will cost you dearly if you don't need it.
  • Incredibly powerful, but easy to use tools.
  • Expert training customized for your needs.
Custom Consulting Support
  • Executive consulting and strategy guidance.
  • Change management and solution adoption.
  • Custom benchmarking services.
  • Ad hoc analytics and decision support.


Proven Solution, ROI for Leading Brands Around the World
  • 100X+ Solution Payback
  • 30% Lift
  • Discovering ROI & Lift All Other Solutions Miss
  • Delivering Value for the Largest, Most Successful Brands
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The Science of Success in Action

Using Scenario Planning to Drive Lift

As JCPenney has transformed its business over the last two years in its “Back to Basics” strategy, it has redoubled its efforts to improve marketing effectiveness and efficiency. Working with OptiMine’s Client Success consulting teams, JCPenney has transformed its decisioning process, driving change management in the adoption of advanced analytics and optimization. And using OptiMine’s suite of Scenario Planning capabilities, JCPenney has driven a verified lift of over $200MM in revenue over the last two years alone.

JCPenney, Bill Cunningham, VP Marketing

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