Test Drive Your ROI

Being able to quickly play out a variety of scenarios is a dream all marketers share. INSPIRE lets you explore endless scenarios, dialing spend levels up or down to instantly see how doing so in real life would affect reaching your ultimate goals. Talk about instant gratification.

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The Power of Performance

INSPIRE gives you real-time reads on “what ifs”, shows you where the sweet spot of your spend is across any channel, campaign or media, and delivers feedback you can act on immediately - which all combine to keep you cruising toward your finish line.

Tactical, Real-Time Scenario Planning

Instant gratification comes standard with INSPIRE as it allows you to immediately see the impact of different spend levels, and determine scenarios achieving the best ROI.


Run performance scenarios to determine performance lift and costs to determine the most optimal marketing investment levels.


Compare yield and saturation levels and investment decisions at campaign levels to determine the best path for lift.


Identify improvement opportunities in real-time for the fastest path to ROI.

Challenges Brands Solve with OptiMine INSPIRE

Inspire gives you a real-time read on the “what-if” that will become your next “what worked”. OptiMine Inspire takes the guesswork out marketing decisions by giving you real-time guidance across all channels and campaigns.

Talk about instant gratification: identify marketing performance improvement opportunities within each channel in real-time.
Budget allocation decisions can be vexing. Achieve total clarity as Inspire delivers the next best actions to take with your investments.
Wonder if you are spending too much or too little? Inspire identifies the investment sweet spot for all of your campaigns and channels.
Run real-time scenarios with speed and ease as Inspire delivers the fastest guidance to drive your marketing performance and ROI.


OptiMine INSPIRE: A Smarter Solution

OptiMine combines AI, high-scale computing and deep expertise to put scenario planning and marketing optimization in your hands.

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Putting Powerful Scenario Planning in Everyone’s Hands

Previously only available to large enterprises and advanced analytics teams, now anyone can harness the power of predictive analytics for performance lift.


Tactical Scenario Planning Every Channel Marketing Manager Will Love

Instant, real-time and deeply granular scenario planning at channel and campaign levels with easy-to-use tools for everybody.

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Get Your Money’s Worth

Instantly identify the right level of investment and understand performance projections to immediately improve your ROI. Get your money's worth with INSPIRE.

See OptiMine’s Science of Success in Action

OptiMine delivers the Science of Success and can for your brand too. Contact us for a demo. Seeing is believing.

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