OptiMine Inspire

OptiMine Inspire guides tactical “next best action” decisions for rapid performance improvement. Determine the best areas for marketing investments, run rapid scenario plans, and examine yield and saturation levels- all at detailed campaign levels. Inspire is your fastest path to ROI.

Tactical Scenario Planning & Optimization

Where are the best opportunities for performance lift right now?

Tactical Scenario Planning

Run performance scenarios to determine performance lift and costs to determine the most optimal marketing investment levels.

"Next Best Action" Decisions

Compare yield and saturation levels and investment decisions at campaign levels to determine the best path for lift.

Instant Performance Lift

Identify improvement opportunities in real-time for the fastest path to ROI.

What you get with OptiMine Inspire

What-if Scenarios:

Rapidly run what-if marketing scenarios to quickly identify winning approaches.

Examine Marginal Rates of Return:

Examine the incremental lift at different spend levels to identify the best investments.

Visualize Yield & Saturation Levels:

Visualize yield and saturation levels based on historical performance and projected future performance.

Compare Marketing Impacts on Multiple Outcomes:

Easily compare investment levels across multiple conversion KPIs.

Compare Spend Tradeoffs:

Identify the best next marketing investment decision by comparing across channels and campaigns.

Discover Opportunities in Real-time:

Projected results are shown instantly to identify lift on-the-fly.

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How Does It Work?

Tactical Scenario Planning & Optimization in Action

OptiMine Inspire examines past spend and performance levels of every channel and campaign to determine yield curves and saturation levels. This powerful capability allows the marketer to instantly determine optimal investment decisions on-the-fly.

Putting Powerful Scenario Planning in Everyone’s Hands

OptiMine brings advanced scenario planning and optimization to every marketer and any company. Previously only available to large enterprises and advanced analytics teams, now anyone can harness the power of predictive analytics for performance lift. Only OptiMine Inspire provides such incredible capabilities in an easy and accessible toolset.

Tactical Scenario Planning Every Channel Marketing Manager Will Love

"The genius of the tool is its simplicity, the complexity is in the modeling." - Executive Director of Marketing Analytics, Large Fitness & Media company

Get Your Campaign Money’s Worth

Scenario planning and optimization across all channels, campaigns, and conversions.