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Higher sales. Better cost efficiency. Easier customer acquisition. Whatever your objectives, INTENT puts the power in your hands to optimize your investment against specific goals for specific periods of time.

How it Works


The Power of Marketing Optimization

INTENT will evaluate millions - and often billions - of different alternatives to arrive at the perfect recipe for your budget, both from the 30,000-foot view all the way down to individual executions in a campaign - bringing a whole new meaning to “try before you buy.”

Agile Marketing Mix Modeling & Optimization

OptiMine's models and machine learning deliver detailed, actionable and optimized marketing budgets that your teams and agency partners can execute- in a fraction of the time. Showing the precise playbook to deliver the strongest marketing payback.


Fully optimized media plans at the most actionable levels - spend recommendations all of the way down to individual ad, spot, placement and campaign.


OptiMine intent delivers highly optimized marketing budgets and plans using inputs from the entire marketing team- in a fraction of the time and effort.


Detailed guidance, actionable recommendations, all in a fraction of the time yielding the highest marketing ROI.

Challenges Brands Solve with OptiMine INTENT

Intent evaluates billions of different budget alternatives using advance AI to arrive at the perfect recipe for your budget, both from the 30,000-foot view all the way down to individual executions in a campaign- bringing a whole new meaning to “try before you buy”.

OptiMine Intent allows you to run investment scenarios easily and quickly evaluating outcomes by any range of spend across any outcome. It is the best way to determine the highest confidence paths for growth.
Budget allocation decisions can be vexing. Factoring in business conditions, seasons, and varying effects of media complicates the challenge. OptiMine Intent runs unlimited allocation scenarios to find the best investment path forward to achieve your objectives.
Pacing too fast or too slow? Use OptiMine Intent to plan and optimize spend for the remainder of the budget to ensure maximum results. Plan for any upcoming period and contingency and be ready to produce results.
By accounting for all factors impacting your business, including the economy, competition, seasonality, promotions and more, OptiMine then measures the incremental impacts of your marketing, and how best to allocate it to optimize performance.
Finance may be putting pressure on marketing budgets, but OptiMine Intent delivers data-driven guidance to make the best case for investment.

The Science of Success in Action

Using Scenario Planning to Drive Lift

As JCPenney has transformed its business over the last two years in its “Back to Basics” strategy, it has redoubled its efforts to improve marketing effectiveness and efficiency. Working with OptiMine’s Client Success consulting teams, JCPenney has transformed its decisioning process, driving change management in the adoption of advanced analytics and optimization. And using OptiMine’s suite of Scenario Planning capabilities, JCPenney has driven a verified lift of over $200MM in revenue over the last two years alone.

JCPenney, Bill Cunningham, VP Marketing

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OptiMine INTENT: a Smarter Solution

OptiMine is the best choice for brands that market across both digital and traditional channels and have conversions across many online and offline touchpoints, offering a far superior solution compared to marketing mix modeling, multi-touch attribution and so-called "unified" measurement vendors.

Intent Step 1


Cross-Channel Measurement

OptiMine automatically builds tens of thousands of models to measure the cross-channel contributions of all channels and ads. Digital and traditional ads- across any conversion point- online, in-store, call center, branch location, agent channels, channel partners and more.


Marketing Team Collaboration

Next, marketing teams input their goals, constraints and objectives. OptiMine Intent supports multiple plan versions to help teams run what-if scenarios and forecast potential outcomes in advance.

Step 2
Intent Step 3


Discovering the Optimal Plan for Performance

Using machine learning, high scale cloud computing and genetic algorithms, OptiMine Intent leverages AI to discover and identify the best paths to performance improvement.


You Set the Performance Objectives, OptiMine Achieves Them

OptiMine Intent is the most agile approach to marketing and media planning, optimization, forecasting and performance.

Intent Step 4
See OptiMine’s Science of Success in Action

See how you can protect your budget and grow your sales with OptiMine Intent's agile scenario planning.

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