Apple’s iOS 14 Will Bring Big Changes to Facebook

Apple vs. Facebook


Facebook announced today that Apple’s IDFA changes in iOS 14 will now prevent iPhone ID tracking—thereby limiting publisher revenues and impacting marketing attribution. For Apple, this is another step in their continued pursuit of consumer privacy with the iOS ecosystem and likely won’t be their last. Read more about the change here:


One important point lost in this battle is the one about attribution. While the AdTech industry seems myopically focused on the need to track consumers across devices for advertising performance measurement, there’s been a valid approach all along that doesn’t require PII or consumer identity: OptiMine. In case you were wondering, OptiMine is completely unaffected by this IDFA change and we continue to measure in-app advertising—and all other advertising on iOS devices—for our brands without issue. As such, OptiMine is truly the only future-proof measurement platform in the market today.


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