Breaking GDPR News: Oracle & Salesforce Hit with Large Lawsuit


Two of the major tech leaders, Oracle and Salesforce, have just been accused of violating the GDPR because of the way they process and share personal data to sell online advertising (read the full article in Forbes, here: The European Union’s argument in the suit states that these companies are housing and sharing personal information that users did not necessarily consent to sharing, which directly conflicts with the regulations set forth in the GDPR.


The suit has direct implications for U.S. privacy regulatory action as the GDPR typically foreshadows actions here in the United States—most specifically with the CCPA, which was modeled after the GDPR and moved into its formal enforcement period in July.


The implication for brands’ marketing measurement? For brands using a tracking-based approach for marketing measurement (multi-touch attribution, or “MTA,”) the regulatory risks of capturing, sharing, and tracking consumer identity data is now much greater—growing larger every month. And quite simply, these PII-based approaches were never necessary or very accurate to begin with (for more information on this subject, read OptiMine’s “Determining the Incremental Value of Marketing,” here:


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