Firefox Joins other Major Web Browsers in the Consumer Privacy Protection Trend

Firefox browser logo

It is no question that the year of 2020 has been full of consumer privacy changes, from Google Chrome beginning to phase out cookies to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) becoming law. Most recently, Firefox has just announced that their newest version blocks all redirect tracking—another step in favor of consumers’ right to privacy. This feature attempts to shut down ad tech’s workaround to their other security measures. (Click link to read the full article, here:


Although other major browsers such as Google and Microsoft have adjusted their release schedules due to the coronavirus pandemic, Firefox committed to sticking with their original plan and released a new set of privacy-oriented features without delay. It is becoming crystal clear that all of the major web browsers are getting more serious about user privacy and that they are continuing to expand and evolve these measures even as the advertising industry tries to circumvent them.


The implication for brands? Privacy must be front and center of current and future decisions, and this extends into marketing measurement as well. The future-proof choice is to work with vendors that don’t rely on PII and tracking—vendors such as OptiMine, that are dedicated to consumer privacy. If you’re interested in learning more about us and our risk-free marketing measurement solutions, CONTACT US TODAY!