Marketing Attribution Mistake #4: Neglecting Non-Marketing Factors

neglecting non-marketing factors graphic

If you’ve been following along with OptiMine’s blog series about the top marketing attribution mistakes, you’ll know we have made it to Attribution Mistake #4: “Neglecting Non-Marketing Factors.”


Did you know that in most cases, a vast majority of a brand’s sales performance actually has little or nothing to do with marketing? Here are some other factors that can all play a role in driving significant swings in revenue and/or conversions:


     1. Seasonality


     2. Category momentum


     3. Economic factors


     4. Competition


     5. Location


     6. Weather


     7. Long-term brand equity


Because of these factors, when a marketing attribution solution doesn’t account for these, the measurement “answer” for actual marketing campaigns is likely to be wrong. Almost every single MTA solution fails to account for non-marketing factors and are known for mis-stating digital campaign performance. And when “unified” vendors turn to marketing mix models to try to fix this gap, they create more conflicting answers, issues and new gaps. Only a solution like OptiMine accounts for these factors AND provides detailed and accurate marketing campaign measures. Plus, getting marketing measurement right has never been more important.




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