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OptiMine has the fastest implementation in the market, getting you to higher ROI faster than any other solution.


Only OptiMine measures both digital and traditional marketing channels down to individual ads and campaigns.


Models are rebuilt on the fly, keeping you current with the market, and ahead of your competition.

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Other Market Solutions
100% Agile. Fastest Deployment, Rapid Updates, Measure And Outcome done close
Actionable Detail: Measure both Digital and Traditional Channels at Campaign-Levels for Immediately Actionable ROI done close
Precise Playbooks & Guidance: Budget Planning & What-If Scenarios at Detailed, Campaign Levels done close
Risk-Free. Measure without PII, Cookies, Tracking Tags. 100% CCPA Risk-Free done close

OptiMine Insight and Intent work together to measure the contributions and value of all campaigns and then guide you to an optimized media plan and marketing budget to achieve marketing performance lift.

Agile Marketing Mix Modeling & Measurement with OptiMine Insight

Know which ads and campaigns are contributing the most (and least) and take instant action to lift performance.

  • Measure Any Channel, Campaign and Ad - Digital or Traditional
  • Deploy in a Fraction of the Time Compared to Multi-Touch Attribution, Marketing Mix Modeling and "Unified" Solutions
  • Receive Instantly Actionable and Highly-Detailed Campaign-Level Spend Guidance
  • Measure Any Outcome- Online or Offline
  • Understand True, Incremental Lift, by Controlling for Non-Marketing Factors Impacting Performance
  • Top-Down Strategic Measurement with Bottom-Up Detail and Tactical Guidance - All in a Single Platform & Model

Agile Marketing Mix Scenario Builder, Budget Planning & Optimization with OptiMine Intent

Generate 6-30%+ marketing performance lift across both digital & traditional campaigns by using highly actionable, AI-optimized marketing budgets and plans.

  • Run unlimited agile "what if" scenarios and uncover the highest performing budget allocations for your business.
  • The most actionable guidance in the market - unified top-down strategic planning with bottom-up tactical guidance.
  • Prove the value and impact of your spend, with comprehensive cross-channel measurement & forecasts.
  • The most sophisticated and modern technology - using AI, machine learning and cloud computing.
  • The fastest marketing planning & budgeting - getting the best marketing budget and plan in a fraction of the time.
  • Accurate, high confidence results, running hundreds of millions of simulations to discover the best answers.

OptiMine Delivers a New Way to Measure

Cookies are Dead. New Privacy Regulations Create Risks. Multi-Touch Attribution is Dead. Learn What's Next: