Case Study: How OptiMine's Agile Marketing Measurement & Optimization Drove a 14% Increase in Conversions at Aflac

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Challenged with balancing the budget between short term and long term goals/constraints, and standing out in the highly competitive insurance and financial services market, a leading agency holding company sought the use of advanced analytics to understand how cross-channel and cross-search activity ultimately drove B2C conversions on behalf of its client, the leading multi-product insurance and financial services brand.




The main goal was to increase lead generation performance in paid search, while maintaining cost efficiency – all in a highly competitive digital environment. The key was to understand the cross-channel nature of the lead generation funnel, and in particular, how upper funnel digital investments were contributing and influencing lower funnel paid search performance. In essence, the large agency holding company looked to measure the dollar value contribution of awareness and research related upper funnel investments with a desire to optimize this spend to drive up overall lead gen performance.




The large agency holding company leveraged OptiMine, a leader in agile marketing measurement and optimization, to measure how impressions in traditionally undervalued upper funnel non-brand keywords, drove up awareness for key prospect segments, and ultimately how these awareness efforts drove performance of lower funnel keywords. The OptiMine technology used all impression and available conversion data, and measured the value of the upper funnel and precisely how much each influenced lower funnel conversions.




The analytics uncovered a fascinating situation – prospective buyers were confused by the current Affordable Care Act (ACA) provisions and the general health care reform landscape, and that education-oriented upper funnel paid search could actually address this market confusion while increasing lead generation volumes. Armed with the insights from OptiMine’s models, the client and the large agency holding company moved to address this market situation, and adjusted spend mix and upper funnel content to capture higher impressions and ultimately more leads in the brand’s funnel.


Success was seen in the campaign by an overall increase in conversions (+14.05%) for only minimal incremental investment (+4.91%). This positive result also saw the corresponding cost per lead decrease (-8.01%). The large agency holding company is now measuring how TV spots are contributing to paid search and utilizing OptiMine models to measure and optimize spend on a broader basis.


Agile Marketing Measurement & Optimization Delivers:


  • Fastest Ramp to ROI – Rapid implementation with initial insights in days or weeks instead of months or years like traditional attribution modeling and marketing mix consulting projects take to implement and deploy. No tags, cookies or custom model development is required.
  • Ad-Level Actionability – Only OptiMine Insight models each and every ad to provide you the most actionable measurement possible. Performance differences and improvement opportunities are usually found well below the “channel” level and only OptiMine Insight goes this deep to find ROI.
  • Persistent, Continual Insights – OptiMine Insight’s cloud-based platform provides a steady stream of measurement based on continual, real-world results. Traditional attribution and marketing mix modeling solutions rely on models that are difficult to refresh and take months to deliver.


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