Case Study: How OptiMine Helped American Signature Furniture Achieve Success During the Pandemic

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The pandemic disrupted all facets of retail in 2020. OptiMine’s client- a large furniture and home goods retailer- was subject to unpredictable brick-and-mortar store shutdowns across the country and was also forced to adapt rapidly to massive changes in customer behavior and media consumption. In short: the retailer could no longer rely on historical data and measures to guide their marketing decisions during the pandemic. Traditional marketing mix modeling (“MMM”) that rely on multiple years of historical data no longer worked to measure the current performance of marketing for the retailer.


Further, the rapidly changing environment required continual updates of marketing measurement and media planning guidance as constant shifts forced ongoing tactical adjustments, adaptations and agile actions.



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Agile Adjustments – E-Commerce and In-Store: Using OptiMine’s Pandemic-period models, the retailer began to rapidly adjust spend for DMAs based on the local lockdown conditions as well as the OptiMine measures of e-commerce vs. in-store contributions. The brand was able to adjust media quickly to boost e-commerce sales while stores were shut down using OptiMine’s measures of e-commerce vs. in-store contributions- all at campaign levels. As stores re-opened, the retailer was able to use OptiMine’s guidance to adjust marketing to boost in-store re-openings. This significantly boosted sales growth and cost efficiency.



E-Commerce vs in-store chart



Proven Lift: The retailer along with its agency partner constructed a geographic A/B in-market test to determine the lift that OptiMine’s guidance provided. The results showed significant sales growth lift as well as cost efficiency gains driven by OptiMine’s incredibly agile analytics, guidance and optimizations.




100%+ Sales Growth 

Lift using OptiMine’s guidance vs. the control group markets.


6% ROAS Lift

Using OptiMine’s pandemic models and allocations vs. the control group markets.


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