With Retail Re-Opening, Media Planning Matters More than Ever: Part 2

For the second installment of OptiMine’s ‘Retail Re-Opening’ series, we will continue to discuss the best way to allocate marketing investments to get consumers back in physical stores, with a focus specifically on mobile vs. desktop impacts on in-store sales. Media planning guidance for retailers as they re-open stores during this pandemic is essential to success, and OptiMine has a series of attribution benchmarks to help.


When the pandemic hit, OptiMine quickly began advising its clients with sophisticated, analytics-driven planning to assist with rapid-cycle marketing spend adjustments as physical stores shut down. Whether it’s e-commerce vs. in-store, mobile vs. desktop, or a large variety of other breakdowns, OptiMine provides a retail benchmark on these contributions by major advertising channel. The infographic below shows how mobile ads have a much greater impact on in-store sales compared to desktop advertisements— just one of the many ways that retailers can boost traffic in their brick and mortar locations.



Mobile ad vs. desktop ad in-store impacts graphic







Over the next week or so, OptiMine will share more detailed views across the most common digital marketing channels, providing retail benchmarks from leading brands.


Want to learn more? OptiMine’s eBook outlines the performance of in-store impacts of leading digital advertising channels and you can download it here for FREE: https://uscampaign.optimine.com/blogpost2